March 2008 Ethics Dunces

Donald Fehr

For the three or four people not suffering from closed-head injuries who have yet to conclude that the Major League Baseball Player's Association is 100% out-to-lunch on the issue of steroids, we have this jaw-dropping news item from the Associated Press: Union head Donald Fehr has announced that the Association is investigating why no team has signed free agent Barry Bonds to a 2008 contract. You know, it might be a conspiracy among the teams. Why else would any team not rush to hire, at a salary of multiple millions of dollars, a player who would be, at 43, the oldest non-pitcher in the sport? Why would any team be dissuaded by the fact that Bonds has chronically bad knees that prevent him from playing the field and would require him to be a designated hitter in the tougher American League, and likely playing only three-quarters of the games if he remained healthy? Or the fact that he is a surly and self-obsessed presence in the clubhouse, who chronically and defiantly ignores team rules designed for lesser players? Surely the reason he isn't signed has nothing to do with the media circus that follows Bonds' every move and statement, making minor matters like his team winning games an afterthought!

Then there's the little matter of Barry Bonds' well-documented use of illegal and banned performance-enhancing substances to help destroy the legitimacy and integrity of baseball's records, fuel an epidemic of similar use by other players, and threaten the game's popularity and reputation. And the fact that he's under indictment for multiple counts of lying to a grand jury, after years of routinely lying to the public and the press.

When he wasn't trying to deflect criticism by crying racism, that is.

Yeah, Donald Fehr is right. This looks suspicious; it might even be collusion. There is no reason in the world why a team wouldn't want to hire an over-age, slow, injury-prone, mean-tempered, self-centered, unapologetic felon, liar and cheater for seven or eight million dollars.

Donald Fehr is, it seems, an idiot.

And an Ethics Dunce.




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