Month 2006 Ethics Dunces

Radio Shack Management

Could there be a more basic tenet of workplace ethics than to treat employees with respect? And yet on August 28, Radio Shack told 400 workers that their jobs were being eliminated… by e-mail. Workers had been told a couple weeks before that some lay-offs were coming, the received this electronic message:

The work force reduction notification is currently in progress. Unfortunately, your position is one that has been eliminated.

Happy Labor Day!

There is obviously no justification for this other than plain, unvarnished callousness. The Golden Rule? Forget it; Radio Shack certainly has. Courtesy? Loyalty? Kindness? Apparently not even on the radar screen of Radio Shack management.

How about accountability and courage? What an astoundingly cowardly act, to not even be able to face someone to whom you must deliver bad news. Would the pre-Ghosts Ebenezer Scrooge have used e-mail to fire Bob Cratchit, if he had an AOL account? We can only speculate, but The Scoreboard's guess is that even Scrooge would have more decency that that.

That Radio Shack management are tin-plated Ethics Dunces is beyond argument. The only remaining question is whether they didn't know treating their employees so atrociously was wrong, or did know and just didn't care.

Either way, I'm going to Circuit City from now on.




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