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President Bush
(October 2006)

This one is simple. Depressing, but simple.

In an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos, President Bush stated that "We've never been 'stay the course.'" But everyone who isn't in a coma knows that Bush has used those exact words, over and over and over again. It is on videotape; it is on audiotape. It is preserved in radio waves traveling out to space, where it may be heard by advanced civilizations on faraway planets millions of years from now. So why would the President deny it? Could he be making a clever distinction between saying "stay the course" and being "stay the course" (whatever else that could possibly mean)? No…remember, this is President Bush, not President Clinton. In an exchange with Tim Russert, Vice-President Cheney's aide Mary Matalin made a dazzling attempt to claim that what Bush was really saying was that what he meant by "stay the course" all the times he was recorded saying it referred to the big picture "course" (advance democracy, fight terrorists) but the "stay the course" he referred to with Stephanopoulos was the stubborn let's-keep- handling-the-problems-in-Iraq-the same-way-even-though-any-moron-can-see-that-it's-not-working "course," which has never been White House policy.

Uh huh.

"All this criticism is just over verbiage!" Matalin protested. Well, Mary, verbiage is what humans use to communicate, and when the President communicates that he "never" applied a fairly straight-forward phrase with a well-understood meaning to Iraq when in fact he had, such verbiage is called "lying." And lying pointlessly and hopelessly at that, since the lie is so obvious. There can be no good explanation for this; it is tantamount to wearing a sign on one's head that reads, "I CAN NOT BE BELIEVED." Our elected leaders and representatives obviously think Americans are gullible, but nobody is that gullible. This is just an extreme example of how little respect the concept of truth has in Washington, D.C., delivered by the one person whose respect for the truth is the most crucial of all.

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