Hillary Clinton's Campaign
(April 2007)

Never before has a Liar of the Month come so close to doubling up. The Scoreboard will reluctantly save Hillary Clinton from her second Liar of the Month designation in March, by giving the honor to her campaign, but clearly a policy is needed, and fast. With Ms Clinton running for President and her well-documented willingness to deliver transparent whoppers for any real or perceived political advantage, we may need to launch a "Liar of the Week" award just for her.

According to KCCI-TV in Des Moines, Iowa, Former Iowa Tom Vilisack, who recently ended a short-lived candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination, gave Senator Clinton his official endorsement. Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign has promised to pay off $400,000 of campaign debts currently owed by Vilisack.

Quid pro quo? A bought endorsement? How could anyone even think such a thing? The Clinton campaign announced that there is no connection between Vilsack's endorsement and its commitment to help pay off his campaign debt. That's right: it's a complete coincidence! Or, as James Taranto wryly noted on his OpinionJournal blog, Clinton's campaign would be happily paying off Vilisack's debt if he had endorsed Barack Obama. Sure it would.

An absurd, pointless and unbelievable lie, from the campaign of a master. Yup, other contenders for Liar of the Month are going to have improve their game, because the competition just got a whole lot stiffer.

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