New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson
(May 2007)

Bill Richardson is a repeat Liar of the Month, and oddly, his prevarication once again involves baseball. His first David Manning award came in the wake of the discovery that Richardson's decades old claim on his official bio that he had been drafted by the Kansas City ( now Oakland) Athletics had no basis in fact, a discrepancy that Richardson dismissed with the ridiculous explanation that "somebody told him" he had been drafted and he believed it. This is a little like believing someone who tells you that you had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize a few years back and somehow missed it.

This month Richardson, who is running for president, appeared on "Meet the Press" and told host Tim Russert that he has always been a fan of the Boston Red Sox. When Russert pointed out that Richardson had stated more than once that his dream has always been to play for the Sox arch-enemies the New York Yankees, Richardson, reminding us all that he was a favorite cabinet member in the Clinton Administration, proclaimed that he was also a Yankee fan.

Sorry, Governor, that one won't fly. You can't simultaneously want the Road Runner to escape and Wile E. Coyote to catch him. You can't care about poor Jennifer Aniston's broken heart and still idolize Angelina Jolie. You can't cheer for both Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell, you can't root for both Rooster Cogburn and Lucky Ned Pepper, and you absolutely can't be a fan of both the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.

In fact Richardson, can't be a genuine fan of either team. If he was, he would never claim such an impossible dual loyalty, because he would know that such a statement makes him look like a pandering fraud…rather like his good pal Hillary Clinton, who claimed to be a lifetime New York Mets fan after moving to the Empire State in order to be anointed Senator. At least his previous whopper about being drafted by the A's was plausible; in those days, the desperate Kansas City franchise would consider drafting any player who could put on his spikes. But a Red Sox fan who roots for the Yankees? Like unicorns, hippogriffs and candid presidential candidates, there's just no such thing.

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