Paris Hilton
(June 2007)

Well, she did it. I fought hard not to make Paris Hilton a June Liar of the Month. It would have been easy---too easy--- to give her the nod after she announced that she wasn't really stupid, that it had all been a pose. Besides, there is substantial probability that Paris Hilton actually believes this, all evidence to the contrary, because she is, well, stupid. The Scoreboard had already been too attentive to the Paris Goes To Jail saga by commenting on her mother's attitude toward justice and respect in an Easy Call, and by giving the judge who sent Paris back to jail Ethics Hero status. Pretty soon, this site will end up featured in "Us Magazine."

But there the Hot One was, on "Larry King Live," telling the ever-gullible Larry that no, she had never taken illegal dugs or abused alcohol. Now, video of Hilton doing both are all over the web, on "The Smoking Gun" and other sites. Her statement was the equivalent, from a candor standpoint, of asserting that she was a virgin, a full-blooded Cherokee, or an octopus. CNN viewers all over America undoubtedly did Danny Thomas spit-takes (to puzzled readers under the age of 50: look it up!) at such a blatant whopper. King, of course, who talks about "the Internets" and does his homework about as regularly as my son, had no Tim Russert-style "gotcha" video on hand to contradict Paris, and couldn't even muster the required, "Are you kidding?" This sent Fox's Bill O'Reilly into a fit, and he devoted much of his program expressing outrage that CNN and King allowed Hilton to "lie to the public" without being challenged.

Relax, Bill. As with all the Scoreboard's Liars of the Month, her lie was absurdly obvious. Nobody who knew enough about Hilton to watch the interview would or could believe it.

Except Larry King, that is.

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