Bill Clinton
(February 2008)

Liar of the Month and Hall of Fame Inductee

It can't be avoided any longer. With his latest Liar of the Month designation, The Scoreboard officially admits Bill Clinton as the first inductee into the David Manning Liar of the Month Hall of Fame. This means that from this point on, the former President and current First Spouse hopeful is exempt from competition for the Ethics Scoreboard's Liar of the Month title.

It's just too easy for him.

Clinton's facility with the unnecessary and blatantly obvious lie first came to national attention when he famously declared that he "didn't inhale" when he smoked pot as a college student. The many silly and trivial lies that have followed were occasionally punctuated by serious whoppers, such as his perjury in the Paula Jones trial and "I did not have sex with that woman," but they don't figure in the Hall of Fame voting.

No, the comments that have enshrined Bill Clinton are those like this month's statement on the campaign trail that Hillary has done very well in the primaries so far when one considers that she is "operating on a shoestring." This is a masterpiece of silly lying. Hillary Clinton has raised more money than any of the presidential candidates of either party, 140 million dollars. This is a matter of public record. Now, for most Liars of the Month winners, this kind of statement would represent the pinnacle of blatant lying, a career zenith. But not Bill Clinton: this is a way of life for him. Truth, lies, half-lies, deceit…all are just interchangeable tactics according to a grand-master's careful calculation of the benefits of fooling a target audience for just long enough to get a desired result.

The problem for the Scoreboard is that it now appears the Democratic battle for the presidential nomination will go all the way through the summer. Bill Clinton will be speaking at rallies regularly, and thus he is likely to be the leading candidate for Liar of the Month from March to July---if Hillary gets the nomination, even longer. It's just not fair. So in the interest of variety, competition, and giving other prominent liars a sporting chance, Bill Clinton now enters the Scoreboard's liar Valhalla, The David Manning Liar of the Month Hall of Fame.

He's certainly earned it.

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