Senator Hillary Clinton
(March 2008)

The raging question appears to be whether Senator Clinton was lying through her teeth when, during a campaign appearance, she described traveling to Bosnia as First Lady and flying through “sniper fire,” then having to run from the plane to cover, head down, rather than receiving a ceremonial greeting upon landing. CBS produced news footage of the event, which showed no hint of sniper fire or imminent danger. Far from ducking and running, Mrs. Clinton got off the plane to a fond and unhurried greeting featuring a little girl reading a poem. Mrs. Clinton attributed the embarrassing contradictions between her description and recorded fact as a “mistake,” proving she is human. If it was a lie, it was certainly a careless one, given the certainly of archival videotape sure to be discovered and displayed on YouTube. But it was also lie completely consistent with her bizarre claim, strangely accepted by an amazing number of people who should know better, that her years fulfilling mostly ceremonial duties as First Lady of Arkansas and the United States somehow qualifies as leadership experience.

Then there is the undeniable fact that both Clintons have long-established tendencies to treat facts like Play-Dough, to be shaped into whatever is most pleasing to them at the moment, and to use flimsy lies for short-term advantage, calculating that eventual exposure can be explained away sufficiently to provide a net gain. No, everything we know about Hillary’s regard for candor and truth-telling should convince us that this was just another calculated Clinton lie, and one of the dumber ones. The Clintons have counted on “fooling some of the people all of the time,” but that group is getting smaller as time goes by, her campaign becomes more desperate, and her deceptions more brazen.

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